StoreWALL, a new direction in storage and organization… re-engineered slatwall for home and industry. Storage at your finger tips … items easily accessible, organized and off the floor.

HeavyDuty storage that is versatile, waterproof, beautiful and recyclable;
Hooks, Baskets, Brackets and Shelves engineered to industrial standards
StoreWALL HeavyDuty is storage for demanding applications.

StoreWALL is ideal storage in your garage, carport and throughout your home. Storage that can grow with your changing needs.

Incredibly strong, rugged and waterproof; in your choice of 5 designer colors and woodgrains. It’s engineered for a lifetime of hard use.

StoreWALL includes a full range of accessories including storage for tools, gardening, sports and automotive. All accessories feature the exclusive CamLok, to insure years of hard use and safety.

Professional and heavy duty storage and closet organization that is versatile, flexible, adaptable and strong. Workplace storage that allows your staff to find exactly what they need, when they need it. Stop Clutter in a utility closet.

StoreWALL wall panels and accessories make it easy for your staff to access equipment and supplies for the ultimate janitorial closet storage solution.

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