Need to Organize Your Kitchen? We Can Help!

organize your kitchenThe kitchen is the heart of the home. We entertain, congregate, and live and laugh in our kitchens. Great food and wonderful memories are made while enjoying this space, and as one of the most loved and utilized rooms in a home, it’s also the room that can easily become the most disorganized.

There are products homeowners can find online or in their local hardware store to help with their kitchen organization, but often these quick-fixes are universal solutions and not made-to-order. Garage Décor and More offers custom solutions for your kitchen space, and we can discuss with you exactly what your needs may be during your free consultation. Our services go beyond custom garage and closet solutions! We can help you organize every room in your home so it’s being used to its fullest potential.

Prior to organizing your kitchen, or any room in your home, it’s best to de-clutter the space. You’ll be amazed at what you find when you thoroughly examine the contents of the pantry, kitchen drawers, and cabinets. When expired or forgotten items are taking up prime real estate space in the kitchen, it’s best to re-evaluate what you need by throwing away what you don’t. This can be a time-consuming process, but also a very worthwhile one. Know what else? When cabinets and drawers are bare, this is also the best time to clean and disinfect the areas.

Now that you have de-cluttered, it’s time to think about the livability in your kitchen. Does it make sense to have your large pots and pans where they are currently located? Do you find that the food items you use the most regularly are in an inconvenient spot? Sorting items in your kitchen in a logical way makes your kitchen more enjoyable and workable, especially when you’re entertaining larger groups of family and friends. Your needs may have changed slightly since you first moved in and initially selected where things should go. It may be time to access the flow of your kitchen, and Garage Décor and More can help.

Not sure what will make your kitchen more functional? When you call us, we can help you decide what type of storage product will work best to get your family organized. We can then help you select the perfect kitchen storage solution for your unique space. Whether you need a solution for the placement of your recycling containers in your kitchen pantry or where to add extra baskets and shelving, we can make the best use of your existing space. We can organize your kitchen with cubby storage for cookie sheets and pizza trays. At Garage Décor and More, we also offer pullout drawers that can help you sort a wide variety of items in your kitchen, office nook or cabinet.

Pantry’s that are organized and functional can turn a good kitchen into a great one! The shelving options offered at Garage Décor and More range from simple to complex. Every need is different, so we offer shelves in a wide variety of depths and heights to customize your pantry. Do you have an idea that you’ve seen at a friend’s home or something you’ve pinned on Pinterest? Let us recreate it for you.

Garage Décor and More has many storage and organization solutions to help you get your kitchen organized. Need more space in your pantry? Let us custom build a new solution for you! With many finishes and designs to choose from, our custom designs are sure to fulfill all of your storing needs. Whether it’s spice racks or pullout organizers for oversized pots and pans, every storage solution is installed by a professional and built to last. Best of all: it’s all backed by a lifetime warranty. Give us a call at (618)789-7969 or contact us here for a free, no-hassle quote today.

How To Store Your Stuff In A Practical & Efficient Manner

Proper storage solutions are key when striving for more efficient living. Let’s face it: all of us are too busy to look for everyday items in the home, every day. A cluttered home can be challenging, especially if you find yourself surrounded by items that are not being used and simply don’t have a place to be stored. Today’s homes often have too much stuff, making organization a priority.

If you want the process of organizing your home to go smoothly, it’s best to first decide what you need and what you don’t need. This beginning step may take some time, but is an important part of the plan. If you don’t de-clutter first, you’ll end up spending time and effort on items to store that you don’t really even want or use anymore. Here are some other handy tips on how to store your stuff, which will make your life easier and your household more organized.

how to store your stuff

Seasonal organization. Unless you keep your holiday lights up all year long (ugh!), then you need to find an effective way to organize holiday decorations. Often holiday décor ends up scattered in the unfinished basement, with a potential for lost items year-after-year and even water damage. If you are keeping that heirloom Christmas wreath from your great-grandmother simply leaning against a cold, basement wall or floor, you’ll likely be the last family member to own it. Many of our clients love the StoreWall system to organize their garage or basement, an updated slatwall system for hanging items on the wall and off the floor. All accessories feature the exclusive CamLok, to insure years of hard use and safety.

Aside from décor, where do you store all of your seasonal clothing for the family? Unless you are lucky enough to have that oversized cedar closet in your home, you probably need more closet space for the clothing, shoes or seasonal items not needed until the weather changes. Garage Décor and More offers beautiful Redline Custom Cabinets that give home owners clean and contemporary options for storing the seasonal clothing that you aren’t using now.

Keeping the kids organized. If you have kids, you may look around your home and think to yourself, “when did this tornado hit?” Smaller kids especially have a tendency to bring items out of their toy room or bed room and leave them scattered throughout the home. Does your son or daughter have a walk-in closet? One of our professional designers can visit your home and assess the situation, giving you recommendations on how to turn their bedroom closet into a perfect place for not only clothing but toy storage. Even a standard sized closet can be transformed into a more organized space with the right planning and products.

If your children are a bit older and have daily homework, it may be time to move their study space from the kitchen table to an area more secluded and conducive for studying. The papers and homework scattered throughout the kitchen island or breakfast bar ends up being a daily headache, and often items end up being lost or misplaced. To keep your kids from using “the dog ate my homework” excuse, consider organizing their bedroom with a new desk, shelving and/or cabinetry. Garage Décor and More offers custom manufactured cabinets that fit the homeowner’s exact specifications using computer-aided design. Your child’s new study nook will fit your space like a glove.

Offering many custom storage solutions to make your life more efficient, Garage Décor and More is the perfect gift this holiday season. Give yourself or a loved one the gift of organization! You’ll be amazed at how much space you actually have in your home once you organize it. With many finishes and designs to choose from, our custom designs are installed by a professional and built to last. Best of all: it’s all backed by a lifetime warranty. Give us a call at (618)789-7969 or contact us here for a free, no-hassle quote today.

Use Our Organizational Systems to Reduce Clutter

reduce clutterIf you are looking to reduce clutter and reduce stress, start with a home organization plan. By implementing an organizational system, you’ll be amazed at how stress-free a home can become. Today’s home interior design elements are typically focused on clean lines and less clutter, with a modern vibe of low profile furniture and fewer accessories. If you’re looking to reduce clutter, here are 5 of the main spaces to focus on using Garage Décor and More solutions.

Laundry rooms. The laundry room can be an organized homeowner’s dream…or a clutter-filled nightmare! Some easy to implement shelving ideas to reduce clutter includes using open shelving for your linens and cleaning supplies. Open shelving, with a variety of styles from StoreWall, also forces us to place items in smart and attractive groupings, adding a chic look to the laundry room when used in conjunction with wire or wicker baskets. If you’re looking to add more elegance to your laundry room, enclosing the cabinets by using our Redline Series offers the ultimate in storage and attractiveness. Typically, adding the shelving and storage over the washer and dryer helps keep cleaning supplies in their spot, gives the homeowner the ability to add a rod for hanging clothes to dry, and keeps random socks from falling behind the washer and dryer.

The garage. Organizing the garage is one of the best ways to reduce clutter in the rest of the home. Many of our clients install a backpack station within the garage or a hallway adjacent to the garage door. Our team at Garage Décor and More can offer the best solution for your particular situation. As kids come home from school, they can leave their backpacks, shoes and jackets before entering the home. Even if homework needs to be tackled, the backpacks and other supplies go back into their designated spot before the next school day. Another tip? Tidying the house for a mere 15 minutes each night, placing things where they belong, can make the morning routine so much easier on the whole family.

When closets in the home are organized, you’ll begin to see the rest of the home’s organizational system fall neatly into place. So many of us spend time on organizing the living spaces in the home, but what if we devoted a little more time to closet organization, making items easier to find and offering more usable space? Even the smallest closets can be configured so that the homeowner has more room for storage. Whether it’s seasonal clothing like winter coats and hats to items like eveningwear that you only occasionally use, organizing the closet will make you want to leave the door open for guests to see!

We can create a spot for folded sweaters, shoes and more with a custom design. With Redline cabinets, you’re not limited to standard off-the-shelf solutions. Since your needs and closet requirements are unique, we offer 16 shelf and cabinet depths in practically any height. With a new Redline Closet Storage System, it will be easier than ever to reduce any clutter in your bedroom because every piece of clothing will be stored conveniently and properly.

The pantry. We offer a variety of solutions for the kitchen pantry. Whether you need open shelving in a closet or have a walk-in storage room for groceries, we have many options available to organize your food items. Because our systems are fully customizable, we can create the pantry of your dreams! An organized pantry makes it so much easier to know what groceries you need and what may be overstocked. You may even discover your pantry offers more usable space for extra items like holiday tablecloths, linens, and more.

Once you get organized, here’s a tip for homes with little ones: Put all of your child’s dishes, cups and snacks in one spot and in a location that they can easily reach in the pantry. As they get a little bit older, they will love this newfound independence and learn the importance of helping out earlier, by setting their dishes on the table for dinner or by cleaning up afterwards. Time to unload the dishwasher? They will know exactly where their kitchen plates and utensils need to go.

Home office. If you organize your home office, you’ll love that the bills and invoices once stacked on the breakfast bar now have an ideal spot in the home. Know what else? You’ll spend less time searching for that bill that will soon be past due. An organized home office is one of the most important rooms of the home, and keeping it tidy can be done with some forethought and planning. If you only have room for a small office/work center, install a small cabinet under a floating shelf for the important notes and calendars to keep everyone organized. Let us help you get creative with your home office space!

Garage Décor and More designs and installs custom garage and closet organization systems in St. Clair County, Illinois and Madison County, Illinois as well as the St. Louis Metropolitan area. We offer free consultations and personalized service so that your custom organizational system fits your space, needs and budget. If it’s time to organize your home and reduce clutter, let us show you the many solutions we offer! Call us today to schedule your free consultation at (618) 789-7969, our contact us here.

How an Organized Pantry Can Get You Through the Holidays

organized pantryThe changing of seasons can be an enchanting time of year. With the arrival of fall comes warm layers, bonfires, pumpkin spice, holidays and most importantly – FOOD! Pumpkin pie, roast turkey, grilled corn on the cob, gooey s’mores, and hot apple cider all call for a well-stocked – and well-organized pantry. These easy tips will help you maintain an organized pantry to best suit the holiday season.

De-clutter and Clean
You can’t maintain a space-effective pantry with expired and unnecessary items taking up valuable shelf space. Use this time to go through your pantry and throw away any expired food, donate any items you know you will not use, and remove products that don’t belong there. While the shelves are temporarily empty, wipe down and disinfect the space.

Perhaps the most important quality of a well-organized pantry is how it is sorted. It is vital to sort your pantry by like items, which may include canned goods, fresh produce, dry goods, cooking essentials, spices, etc. Keeping clear and concise categories will make finding the right item quicker and much easier, which will come in handy when making large meals for Thanksgiving or Christmas. If you have children, it might be beneficial to keep a separate stash of quick snacks that they can easily reach.

After sorting your pantry into zones, it is helpful to utilize clear or metal containers to separate your categories. Large or small, shallow or deep, choose a basket that meets your needs and neatly tucks away all your food products. Here at Garage Décor and More, we have small, narrow trays that would be perfect for spices and small baking ingredients. If your pantry shelves are oddly spaced, or leave large gaps at the top and bottom, try installing one of our metal or wooden shelving units to utilize that otherwise empty space.

After placing each product in its respectful bin, label the container to make finding what you need even easier. You can use a label maker, a small chalkboard tag and chalk, or even removable paper stickers and markers. You can be as creative or straightforward as you would like with this.

Placementorganized pantry
Where you place your now neatly organized pantry goods is important to the structure and organization of your pantry. Place light-weight and rarely used items on the higher shelves. Heavier, bulky items should go on lower shelves, to protect the structural integrity of the pantry. Meanwhile, frequently used products belong on middle shelves for easy access. On each individual shelf, place items you are more likely to use towards the front.

Bonus tip: Keep a basket of party items on the top shelf for impromptu fall and holiday season entertainment. This can contain anything from disposable silverware, themed plates and napkins to candles, toothpicks, and fast-fix appetizer trays.

Be Creative
A lot of pantry space can go underutilized, so be creative in your accessory placement. Try installing one of our paper towel holders inside the pantry door for those times when spills are imminent. A file folder holder installed on the inside of the door makes storing your favorite recipes a breeze. A few message clips on the outside of the door are useful for keeping grocery lists updated. Be creative and think outside the box: this space should be tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle.

Garage Décor and More has many storage and organization solutions to help you get your pantry ready for the holidays. Or,With many finishes and designs to choose from, our custom designs are sure to fulfill all your storing needs. Every storage solution is installed by a professional and built to last. Best of all: it’s all backed by a lifetime warranty! Give us a call at (618)789-7969 or contact us here for a free, no-hassle quote today.


The Many Uses & Benefits of A Redline Garage Workbench

redline garage workbenchNow that the weather is beginning to cool off a bit, it’s a great time to reorganize! Maybe your garage workspace has become a bit cluttered, or the gardening tools you’ve been using all spring and summer long have started to migrate into other places of the home. No matter what space you need to update, the Redline Garage Workbench Series offers customizable storage solutions that can make your life easier.

The beauty of using the Workbench Series of cabinetry is evident once you realize all of the options, sizes and colors available. If you have a very specific need for organizing your garage, a Redline Garage Workbench is for you. The specialty cabinets alone will make organization easier! Lower cabinets include a rolling tool cart, waste bins, and lockers with either doors or drawers. Looking to turn your garage into eye candy instead of an eye sore? The sleek, powder-coated finishes will organize and modernize your work area at the same time. Visit us online to find the many style and color choices available in the cabinetry.

Many of our happy clients turned their cluttered workspaces into more efficient rooms of the house by installing the Redline Workbench Series. Woodworkers appreciate the heavy-duty cabinets that stand the test of time, especially when they need to be focusing on the job at hand and not worrying about scratching their new cabinet! It’s not just the exterior of the cabinets that’s tough either. The toughness throughout includes heavy-duty hardware that’s used in the cabinetry’s adjustable hinges and drawer glides, making every drawer opening as smooth as the last one. Know what else? Redline offers a lifetime warranty, ensuring they will look great today and throughout many tomorrows, too.

Our Redline Workbench Series is popular in industrial settings as well. Auto Repair Shops appreciate that our fully customizable cabinets and workbenches have unlimited combinations, making it easy to suit their shop’s particular needs. Maintenance-free cabinetry is so important when you want your shop to look good and hold up to continued use and abuse, focusing on customer care and not worrying about your workspace when clients come in to the shop.

From the off-the-floor design to the environmentally rugged finish, Workbench cabinets are designed to take nearly anything everyday life can throw at them. With our industry-leading lifetime warranty, our storage cabinets will be enjoyed for a long, long time. Other key features include superior dovetail construction for added strength, anodized aluminum handles that won’t rust, and 9-ply Baltic birch plywood drawers that prevent warping.

Even if you don’t have a large space to organize, the Redline Workbench Series has storage cabinets in 49” to 79” cabinet heights, with single or double door designs. All cabinets offer adjustable shelves to accommodate your storage items. There are over 500 variations of storage cabinets to choose from when designing your new storage area or workspace! The Workbench Series of cabinets have been helping our clients become organized and more efficient for years, giving home and business owners so many options when creating the perfect organizational system for their unique space.

Want to learn more about Redline Cabinets? Garage Décor and More designs and installs custom garage and closet organization systems in St. Clair County, Illinois and Madison County, Illinois as well as the St. Louis Metropolitan area. We also always offer free consultations and personalized service so that your custom organizational system fits your space, needs and budget. If it’s time to organize your garage or workroom, let us show you the many solutions we offer! Call us today to schedule your free consultation at (618) 789-7969 or contact us here!

How Not To Ignore The Unused Space In Your Garage

organized garageIf only our cars could talk, do you think they would complain that they have to share their “home” with so many other items? Most of the time, homeowners utilize the space in their garage for a large variety of items like sporting equipment, bikes, camping gear and more. Need a spot for holiday décor storage? Put it in the garage! Bought a new electric smoker? Put it in the garage!  Doesn’t it seem unfair that our vehicles have to share their storage space amongst our clutter? Do you still have unused space in your garage? Garage Décor and More can help!

With the right planning and forethought, you can turn your garage into a storage powerhouse for so many items…including your car! We have the products and the expertise to organize your garage space, turning unusable space into usable space. We find garages to typically be the most underutilized rooms in the home, and unfortunately they tend to collect clutter fast.

As with any organization project, it’s best to sit down and decide how you want to use your garage space. If your garage is being used to store so many items you can’t even park your car in it, this is a crucial first step to getting your garage in order. The garage space reflects what type of homeowner you are. At Garage Décor and More, there are different solutions to choose from when organizing your garage.

StoreWALL Systems are great for the homeowners that want a designated spot for everything, but also prefer finding it as soon as they enter the garage. The easy to install wall systems are heavy duty and come in a variety of colors. You can use hanging baskets to display your commonly used items, from cleats to baseballs for those every day practices, or organize with open shelving for gardening supplies or commonly used cleaning items. Whether you want to use shelves, bins or totes, StoreWALL will bring those cluttered items off the floor and corners in your garage into easy accessibility and view.

Contur Cabinets and Redline Custom Cabinets are also popular wall systems for garages. These enclosed cabinets offer a sleek look, providing a place for all of your items. This is the preferred style for homeowners that have garages that face the front of the home, offering a less cluttered view for neighbors walking or driving by. With tough powder-coated finishes that come in a variety of colors and styles, easy to clean and easy on the eyes, enclosed cabinets can be used to tidy up the garage effectively. The Slimline line of cabinetry is best for tighter spaces and limited clearance. We can help you choose what’s best for you.

Helping organize the wall space in your garage is one major way to establish functional storage. Another ideaunused space in your garagel way to organize the garage is by overhead storage solutions. Certain items being stored in a garage are bulky and infrequently used. By installing overhead storage, like shelving from Hyloft, you’ll be amazed how much additional floor and wall space can be freed up! It just makes sense to store seasonal items in a spot you can access only when necessary. Better yet, garage storage typically has less temperature fluctuation than an attic so it’s a better environment for storing items you want to keep long-term, without warping or damaging. It’s also an economical solution when looking at the variety of garage storage options. Hyloft racks come in adjustable heights, too.

Garage Décor and More designs and installs custom garage and closet organization systems in St. Clair County, Illinois and Madison County, Illinois as well as the St. Louis Metropolitan area. We offer free consultations and personalized service so that your custom organizational system fits your space, needs and budget. If it’s time to organize your garage, let us show you the many solutions we offer! Call us today to schedule your free consultation at (618) 789-7969 or contact us here.

It’s Tool Time! How To Organize Your Tools So You Can Find Them

organize your toolsToday, we are all living fast paced lives with full time jobs and family commitments, making staying organized one of the toughest things to accomplish. If only we could stay organized, we could find more time in our busy schedules! Although every homeowner may not have golf clubs and bikes and camping equipment to organize in their garage, most homeowners use their garage space to organize their tools. Even if you don’t have woodworking as a hobby, household tools like hammers, screwdrivers and more are items that can be organized (and easily found) with the proper organizational system from Garage Décor and More.

If you love being organized, Redline Cabinets are beautiful storage options that can make your dreams for uncluttering the garage come true! With over 400 cabinet styles available, it’s the ultimate in garage storage. The Redline Cabinets offer a Workbench Series and Slimline Series to choose from, giving clients stylish storage options that outperform painted or laminated cabinets that can chip, warp and break.

The Workbench Series we offer, for example, gives homeowners the ultimate workbench and storage solution for their garage. This system can also be utilized in basement workrooms and even industrial settings, like an auto-body shop. Your options to choose from are endless, with many components and sizes to customize any garage. If you are looking for unlimited combinations for your tools and equipment, the Workbench Series system may be perfect for you.

Workbench cabinets are tough, made to take nearly anything everyday life can throw at them. They also have an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty, giving owners peace of mind that their new system can be enjoyed for a long, long time.

Another popular organizational system for tool storage in the garage or elsewhere in the home is the StoreWALL System. It’s a re-engineered slatwall for home and commercial applications making storage conveniently accessed – and at your fingertips. With the slatwall system, you can add hooks, baskets, brackets and even shelves. It’s heavy duty, so don’t worry about tools and other items loosing their grip! With StoreWALL, you can see right away if the tape measure was put back in its resting spot and be able to reach for that hammer when hanging your new family photo. Items are easily accessible and organized off the floor and in their designated spaces.

StoreWALL is also able to grow with your ever-changing needs and built to last for a lifetime. This customizable system gives homeowners and also commercial customers a full range of accessories to choose from depending on the tools you want to store. Whether you need a spot for all of your gardening supplies or automotive tools, StoreWALL features the exclusive CamLok to insure years of repeated use and safety. Visit our website page for more information.

Because Garage Décor and More has a variety of different wall and organizational systems to choose from, we are able to fit your space and fit your needs. From the smallest tool to the heaviest leaf blower, we can find a spot for items you and your family use on a regular basis. Let’s face it: tools seem to be always misplaced, ending up in the last place you look! With a revamped organizational system in your garage, you’ll know exactly where that important tool is, saving you time and energy.

Let us help you organize your tools and equipment, creating an ideal spot for everything you own. We can help you organize your garage so it’s visually appealing, functional and the envy of your neighbors. If you have any questions about which storage system is best for you, give us a call at 618-789-7969 or by emailing us here for a free, no-hassle quote today. 

Creating a “Sports Zone”: Tips For Organizing Athletic Gear In Your Garage

Organizing Athletic GearIt’s Saturday morning at the crack of dawn. Your youngest daughter has an early morning championship soccer game, but can’t seem to find her left cleat. To get to the tournament on time, finding that second cleat takes a priority over organizing the snack bag for the long ride and picking out the morning’s play list. That soccer cleat is missing and it’s the only pair that still fits her comfortably. While your child is panicking and your spouse begins to yell and lecture about “responsibility”, you begin to scan your entire garage from the perimeter and realize: the copious amount of athletic gear you have in your garage needs to get organized, once and for all!

Hopefully, a lost or misplaced item before your child’s biggest annual tournament never happens to you. Ideally, it’s our hope that a decision to re-organize your existing storage space happens when you have time to plan and consider your very personalized needs and wants for all of that gear. Springtime is the perfect time to re-think your sports gear organization, and we offer plenty of solutions that suit your space and lifestyle.

Creating a “Sports Zone” in your home not only helps you find that baseball glove and ball at the last minute, but also offers your family the convenience of finding everything on those weekends you simply want to kick back and play Frisbee in the yard. When everyone knows where to find the sports equipment, either in a storage shed, garage, or mudroom, it’s easier to remember to put things back. If the items don’t have a well-kept space as a “home”, kids and family members alike often toss the items anywhere and everywhere when done with the gear. This is the quickest and easiest way to lose equipment…and gain a headache.

Custom racks meant for storing the equipment make storage convenient for everyone. Customers frequently come to us with a request to get the items off of their floors and on to storage racks so we often recommend the StoreWALL storage system to them. This wall system is heavy duty, comes in a variety of colors, and most importantly can grow as your needs grow. Did your son just take up Lacrosse? With StoreWALL, you can add the gear accordingly to the rest of his sports collection.

Organizing Athletic GearAnother type of storage system we offer that many clients use for organizing their sports equipment, toys, and other items is by HandiWALL®. This product is a cellular PVC slatwall base that is installed in full 8’ or 4’ panels. The panels can also be cut and fit to tighter storage spaces, which is an ideal custom solution for homeowners. You will also be happy to know that HandiWALL® allows a flexible layout, adapting to changing storage needs over time. Visit our website to see pictures of both wall storage systems at Whether you want to hang hockey sticks, tennis rackets or a variety of basketballs and footballs, the HandiWALL® System makes it so easy to find exactly what you are searching for before early morning practice or a neighborhood game of tag football.

Want to know the best part about getting organized with Garage Décor and More? The wall organization systems we offer are considered multisport (and multi-functional) organizers. As parents, we know that some kids become bored with one sport and quickly move on to another. With our highly customizable and flexible storage systems, you can combine different sized bins, slots and hanging hooks for your child’s sport-of-the-moment. And because our systems offer plenty of space for your gear, it might even make sense to keep the “gently used” sporting equipment around for a while (in case your youngest has future aspirations to be a tennis star like his oldest sibling once did). Having sports gear nicely stored away for your future generation of athletes is never a bad idea.

Garage Décor and More also offers storage cabinets and storage lockers in different sizes to suit you and your family. We can help you find a place for every last golf club, tennis shoe and hula- hoop! Contact us when you are ready to discuss plans for your new, highly organized “Sports Zone”. Call today for your FREE consultation at 618-789-7969. With a little organization, you may never miss a practice or be late for a tournament again!

Are You Tired of Dealing with Your Dreaded Basement? Our Solutions Can Help!

dreaded basementJust like garages, basements can be on the receiving end of unwanted junk and clutter. Isn’t it time to start using your lower level basement space for a relaxing family room to entertain or use that unfinished section of your basement for easy, worry-free storage solutions? Here are some tips for giving your basement the makeover it deserves while turning it into your new favorite room in the house.

Most basements offer homeowners the biggest overall floor space thus giving you the most space for creativity and plenty of room to set up a new storage system. First, you must go through your entire basement and determine what items are causing the unnecessary clutter. Set up a temporary space downstairs for unwanted items using storage bins. This way you avoid spending an entire afternoon walking up and down your stairs to dispose of items. Instead, you are systematically removing the clutter. This allows you to determine with the rest of the family if the items are worth keeping.

The de-cluttering process is an important step in re-organizing the basement. It will give your utility, storage, and living areas much needed room to breathe, creating more space for family gatherings, play areas for the kids or enhanced living spaces. You’ll be surprised how much more storage space you have for items you actually want to use and keep once you de-clutter!

Once your basement is de-cluttered, it’s time to implement a new storage system to maximize your basement’s square footage. At Garage Décor and More, we offer Hyloft overhead storage racks and shelving that’s perfect for your downstairs space. Our durable shelving and racks can be ideal for hoisting storage bins giving you the floor space you’ve always wanted. With Hyloft overhead storage solutions, you can also minimize the damage any cold or wet basement floors can cause by having our sturdy, affordable, and aesthetically-pleasing systems secured to protect your valuable items off the basement floor.

Attempting to hide clutter is easy with new cabinetry! Cabinets by Redline will also give your basement a fresh look. Whether you’ve already finished your basement and want to update your storage or prefer an unfinished storage room that looks tidy, we offer custom cabinets of all sizes, colors, and styles that will fit perfectly in any area. The Slimline Series of cabinets even accommodates the most limited storage spaces! Anything you want to keep stored will be safe from bugs, flooding, and the moisture that can build up inside. By installing a new set of cabinets, you can finally have a designated place for everything.

Flooring is also an important consideration when enhancing your downstairs space. If your basement is unfinished, or your carpet is becoming dirty and worn down, we are here to help. Our selection of tile and polymer coated flooring is the perfect way to give your basement new life. Imagine having an easy to maintain floor that can handle all the spills, wear and tear that comes with having kids. Our flooring options will not sacrifice any of the comfort your carpet provides and at the same time will hold up in damp basements. New flooring will give you a long-term solution and is the perfect first step for unfinished basements.

If you can’t decide how to effectively use your basement, or you are cramped in your small garage, don’t hesitate to consult with us on how to create a workshop, man cave, or additional storage solution. Unfinished basements or basements with tile or polymer coated floors are the perfect spot for the “do-it-yourselfer”. Our wide selection of wall organization by Slatbox or StoreWALL storage will have your belongings feeling right at home on the wall of your basement. “Garage” may be in our name, but we can help you stylize and organize so much more!

Garage Décor and More is here to help you take back your basement and provide you with a clean, organized, and functional living and/or storage space. We are always available to help answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at 618-789-7969 or contact us for a free, no-hassle quote today. If you’ve always wanted more room for a couch and TV, exercise equipment, or a kid play space in your basement, we can help make that possible.

How To Utilize Closet Accessories

closet accessoriesIs your closet a cluttered nightmare? Are your mornings spent frantically searching for your best business blouse or that favorite pair of jeans? Overtime, closets often become disorderly and dysfunctional as we continue to shove more and more clothing items and shoes inside without properly organizing them. Are you ready to no longer dread opening your closet door? At Garage Décor and More, we offer a variety of closet accessories, allowing you to transform your closet into an organized, functional part of your home. It’s easy to customize your closet with a few of our top selling closet accessories.

  • The pull-down clothes bar. This side mounted, pull down bar is perfect for hanging and displaying shirts, blouses, pants and skirts without having to worry about them becoming wrinkled. This clothes bar is available in multiple sizes and has an adjustable rod length so that you can choose the measurement that works best for your closet space. The bar accommodates universal closet designs and can be adjusted to fit handicap accessible applications.
  • The spiral clothes bar. A customer favorite, our adjustable rack has the ability to turn 360 degrees, making it the perfect corner solution for your closet. The spiral bar allows you to conveniently view all of your favorite tops, which makes picking your outfits so much easier! You can hang 40 single items of clothing from top to bottom on this unique rack.
  • The fan pant rack. Our pivot-out fan rack eliminates the hassle of having to tediously hang each pair of pants up. Its simple installation allows you to fully utilize every inch of your closet space by conveniently storing an additional nine pairs of pants. The rack’s rubber rings keep pants from falling to your closet’s floor, and its polished ends keep your favorite pair of jeans safe from any potential snagging.
  • The tie rack. A convenient way to store and display all of your ties in one place, our wall mount tie rack is a closet necessity. Designed to hold 23 ties, you will never have to waste your mornings searching for your favorite tie again. This sturdy, slim rack is ideal for a narrow wall or the back of your closet door.
  • The tilt out hamper. Now you can conceal and access your laundry in one easy motion with our door-mounted hamper. To install the hamper, simply mount the basket to a bottom-hinged cabinet. When you want to remove the hamper, it simply slides out, making laundry days easier than ever. Our tilt out hamper comes in multiple sizes to custom fit your closet cabinetry. If your closet lacks cabinets, no worries! Our pull-out basket is another closet classic for organized laundry storage. 
  • The valet rod. This sliding rod allows you to neatly organize your outfit the night beforehand, making your mornings easier than ever before! The easy- to-install rod creates an additional 10 inches of space in your closet. Holding 30 pounds of weight and equipped with a knob at the end to prevent your clothes from sliding to the floor, this valet can hold an entire outfit for that upcoming meeting at work or a Saturday night out with friends. When you are finished with the valet, simply push the rod back in, it’s as simple as that! 
  • The jewelry drawer. Are you constantly searching for your favorite pair of dainty earrings? Do you spend your mornings untangling your necklaces? Keep your jewelry and accessories organized all in one place and in pristine condition with our jewelry drawer. With the pull out drawer’s organizational inserts, customization and care has never been easier.

With our large variety of rods, baskets, bins and racks, you can personalize your closet to fit your entire family’s storage needs. Our easy-to-install, affordable closet accessories can transform any dull, mess of a closet into a customized, fully functional space! For more information on how to create the closet of your dreams, call us today at 618-789-7969.